Nagarkot, Nepal

Escape the chaos of Kathmandu
Nagarkot is located 32 kms, east of Kathmandu (see map), Nepal. Nagarkot thrills visitors with its unrestricted view of the mountain range from Annapurna in the west to the mighty Everest in the East.The hotel is a 30-minute drive from Bhaktapur, a 45-minute drive from Tribhuvan International Airport and an hour’s drive from Kathmandu. Taking a helicopter, it is just a 7-minutes’ ride from Tribuhavan International Airport.
Historically, Nagarkot was a place for the royals of Nepal to escape the scorching heat of summer and a hectic city life. In the 60’s explorers would battle the shivering winds and sleepless nights to see the stupendous sunrise and sunsets. Today, still people from all over World, from different walks of life, travel to Nagarkot, to enjoy the picturesque rural scenery of terraced rice fields, green pastures, the sunrise and sunsets; but all in the comforts of a world renowned hotel- Club Himalaya.
  1. 7200 ft above sea level : ideal for acclimatization if you are going to high altitude treks or to Tibet or Bhutan .
  2. Summer (May-September) : Nagarkot is windy throughout the year and is 7 Deg C cooler than Kathmandu in summers
  3. Himalayan View : One can view Mt Everest on the North – East to the Annapurna in the North- West with a maximum range of the Himalayan peaks.
  4. Full of legends & History :

    Birth of the world – Mahadev Pokhari
    Birth of Kathmandu – Manjushree gufa
    Unification of Nepal – Prithivi Narayan Shah & his Fort
    Summer Palace of the Ranas – Bhangeri Durbar
    Sun Risies & Sets with hashish – The Hippie era
  5. So near, yet so far away from the hustle and bustle of caotic Kathmandu
  6. Near the international airport (25km/45minutes) ideal to relax and recover*recoup from jet lag before starting a hectic tour or trekking.
  7. Village walks to experience rural Nepal – Tamang, Newar, Chhetri & Bahun villages within walking distance.
  8. Nagarkot now a tourist hub with many hotels and restaurants to choose from.
  9. Forest walks to see the flora and fauna o the hills as well as bird watching.
  10. Club Himalaya is the jewel on the crown of Nagarkot.
  11. Mountain biking or hiking to Changunarayan, Bhaktapur or Swayambhu.